Mobilsept RH Cold Fog series

An ultrasonic fogger is a device that uses ultrasonic sound waves to break water into millions of individual water droplets that are then sprayed into the air as a thick fog. The fog that an ultrasonic fogger produces is not created through a boiling process and does not involve heat of any kind. Because of this, the fog is cold and slightly wet but poses no threat to the user. Water-fluid particles in the fog are of a size less than 5 microns.

Optimized Effectiveness with Electrostatic Charging
For a more economical and perfect vapor deposition, the vapor particles flowing out of the tube are charged with high voltage and low current with positive voltage. As a result of the filling, the droplets are deposited in a higher proportion in the opposite-negatively charged environment, thus the efficiency of disinfection and pesticides tasks are  significantly increases with the use of reduced active ingredient. The built-in electrostatic device for charging is automatically activated in the disinfection and decontamination modes.
Both the temperature and the absolute humidity of the air can be low in the ambient air. Dry air can have a negative effect not only on the human body and the efficiency of work, but also on the quality of machinery, raw materials and finished products. Moisture-sensitive materials (wood, paper, etc.…) can change their structure, shape and cause problems with electrostatic charge and high dust levels.
Mobilsept RH - provides a great help in humidification-disinfection tasks when needed. We aim to use  active ingredients containing  environmentally friendly Bio-Organic Additive based active ingredients in non-toxic class. After treatment, aftercare is usually not required.

General humidification: with automatic control depending on the desired humidity. General disinfection: extraction of bactericide-virucides-fungicide pathogens treatment time 1 hour. Pesticide treatment: Treatment time 1.30 minutes. The treatment may be repeated as necessary. Humidification - Disinfection - Pesticide Applications: Schools - Kindergartens -Buildings - Houses - Food Humidification - Keeping Fresh - Vegetables - Meat / Fish Fresh keeping Moisture control of office buildings - Public buildings - Wineries - Vehicle Industry - Pharmaceutical industry Mushroom growing - Cold stores - Canning industry - Leather and Textile Industry - Wood industry and antique furniture protection Museums - Galleries - Laboratories - Workshops - Printing - Livestock breeding - Odor and dust removal tasks - Electrostatic protection

The table below will help you choose the right device! (coming)

Mobilsept RH Machine Types
Mobilsept RH machines for Humidification - Disinfection - Pesticide tasks
Full automatic program control with electrostatic charge. 
MO-2 up to 30m2           € 332.00 + VAT
MO-6 up to 50-90m2     € 545.00 + VAT
MO-9 90- to140m2        € 725.00 + VAT
MO-12 140-to 190m2    € 944,00 Ft + VAT
MO-15 190-to 250m2    € 1210,00 + VAT
MO-18 250-to 300m2    € 1580.00 + VAT

VAT applied only in sales completed in the EU.
Option: Water softener kit for incoming water line in use of continuous humidifier mode
We do design and produce custom made Mobilsept RH units! 
Rental: Mobilsept RH machines are available for rent only in Hungary.

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