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In addition to the wide selection of products, we help you to perform the necessary tasks with individual design and construction. Mobile Hygiene LLC  also has manufacturing site in Hungary, has decades of experience in air purification with ozone and ozone generators, ozone hygienic air purification and antimicrobial cold mist technique for air and surface protection against pathogen contamination. These technologies make it possible to clean the air in offices, homes, hotels and catering establishments and vehicles, sterilize the surfaces and remove unpleasant odors, whether they are tobacco smoke, musty odors, dog, cat or other pet odors, or from any bed smelling textile. Ozone treatment is also effective against molds. Also for allergy sufferers, the only really effective solution to eliminate their unpleasant problems is ozone generator in air purification and disinfection using biocides and organic materials. Ozone generator cleaning also effectively combats insects, spiders and beetles in our habitat.

The ozone generator is a chemical-free process! Ozone cleaning, effective hygiene, deodorizing, mold, fungus free and helps control insects!

How ozone combined with antimicrobial process can deliver trusted hygiene level?

  • For removal and deodorization of fire smoke and other unpleasant odors.
  • To eliminate watery, musty, moldy odors; for cleaning moldy, possibly fungal surfaces, reinstate and maintain complete hygienic condition.
  • For  hotels and restaurants, before the antimicrobial coating installation, with ozone first to remove odors hidden in textiles
  • Combined with Jet-fog for complete antibacterial coating  for continuous  surface protection for various types of exterior.
  • For hygiene cleaning: ozone can kill microbes, bacteria, fungi (molds) and viruses! The antimicrobial treatment is eliminate the further contamination of pathogens on surfaces.
  • Insect Invasion? Spiders, beetles, cockroaches, ants? The solution in this case is also ozone treatment! Give it a try yourself, contact us!
  • In the automotive industry, for hygiene treatment for air and air conditioning system, also eliminating odors from upholstery and other materials in all cars.

Where can the antimicrobial coating be used? Where is the antimicrobial treatment useful?

  • In workplaces, office buildings, living space, houses and flats,
  • In work areas, farming, food and agricultural areas (usually for pathogen clearance and odor control)
  • In vehicles: cars, vans, trucks (typically for deodorization and allergy removal),
  • In basements or in hard-to-reach places, for disinfecting mold, exterminating beetles and crawlers.

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