Ozone Resistant Materials   


       Resistant Materials

·       Teflon (PTFE, FEP, PFA)

·       316 Stainless Steel

·       Viton

·       Silicone

·       CPVC

  • Kynar (PVDF)

BN Non-resistant Materials

·       Buna-N (Nitrile)

·       Nylon

·       Steel (mild)

·       Cast Iron

·       Acetal

·       Natural Rubber

This is a short list. The bad materials listed are very bad with ozone use and should never be used under any circumstances. IMPORTANT! The O3 PPM concentration and length of time being applied are greatly influence the danger of use or level of damage or detoriation can take place on any materials. The resistant materials are very good and can be used with no consideration for ozone concentrations or type of use. 

 Everything not listed is somewhere in the middle. 

Many charts will give some subjective (inaccurate) rating to other materials.  However, only it needed to determine if the material in question will work for the specific application.