ECO Industrial Laundries      

How does ECO Laundry work? It is known that textile cleaning facilities around the world consume huge amounts of water and energy every day.
This industry is one of the largest daily consumers of fresh, drinking water and energy on the planet. 
It is also an industry that produces large amounts of wastewater each day. This wastewater from average contamination is filled with chlorine, alkaline, acid, 
surfactant, soil, high BOD (chemical oxygen demand) and COD (chemical oxygen demand) and extremely low OD (oxygen demand) factor. in these waters.
 It clearly points out that typical laundry wastewater is harmful to the environment and also affects the limited supply of fresh water. 
• The popularity of ozone in commercial laundry use is steadily increasing across industries: hotels, prisons, nursing homes and hospitals as an energy 
and cost-effective alternative. The ozone used eliminates the use of hot water, reducing the cost of water, energy and chemicals. 
Ozone easily dissolves in cold water used for the washing process. 
For cold water, it is also possible to add ozone gas continuously to use the water needed for the washing cycle. Key Benefits: 
• The amount of detergent in use decreases and the use of hot water ceases. The O3 gas-containing system uses only cold water during the washing cycles.
 • The use of reduced detergent in wash cycles reduces the rinse cycle, which further reduces water consumption. 
• Effective disinfection of all washed products. Eliminating cross-contamination of potential diseases and diseases. 
• Increase the service life of textiles by reducing the amount of detergent and using cold water only.
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