How Ozone is Produced     

 Ozone (O3) is often called "activated oxygen"; It contains 3 oxygen atoms, unlike the air we breathe, which has 2 oxygen atoms. Ozone has the second highest sterilizing efficacy in the world and is therefore widely used. It is used to permanently remove bacteria, viruses, odors and unwanted odors. It is interesting to note that ozone is close to nature and is most often created by lightning. As a result, after a storm, you can feel the pleasant "rain scent" that is the gift of nature. However, it is likely that most of the issues related to ozone are related to the ozone layer around the Earth. The ozone layer created by the sun's ultraviolet rays is important to us because it protects against the harmful ultraviolet rays.
Ozone gas is produced with “Ozone Generators” which provide the electrical stimulation of Oxygen required to convert Oxygen into unstable Ozone. 

This is typically done with “Corona Discharge” Ozone Generators. Corona discharge refers to the high-voltage electrical field used in Ozone Generators. Air or concentrated Oxygen is passed through this electrical field and a percentage of the Oxygen is converted into Ozone, which can then be put to work.