About us ……
Activated oxygen, (O3) UVC and cold fog have a very wide range of technology and applicability. The use of extremely environmentally friendly ozone gas is based on its high oxidation capacity. Used in cleaning, disinfection, deodorizing and tasks and treatments in industrial and residential segments. Ultrasonic cold fog provides reliable assistance in humidification, disinfection and pesticide.
Our company has been designing and manufacturing under the Mobilsept O3 and Mobilsept RH brand names for domestic and international customers as well as for home and  industrial applications for over 9 years.
The Mobilsept brand in USA/Canada is distributed  by Mobile Hygiene Energy USA, headquarter in Norwalk CT. The Mobilsept products are distributed in 4 continents.
Business Partners  
Mobile Hygiene & Energy LLC  is a privately held company. With careful interaction and preferred system designer, partners, we build the most advanced, well-performing custom made ozone, Jet-ULV-fogger, UVC equipment enabling us to supply OEMs and our distributors.