Main areas of disinfection - oxidation for industrial and residential

Ozone, Jet-Fogger and UV-UVC technologies provide an excellent help and solution in the daily lives for industries and the general public in the areas of hygiene-disinfection-odor removal.

  • Air cleaning with ozone gas (Air treatment systems)
  • Automotive - La Reserve AVHS System: Organic Active Durable Surface Hygiene Treatment and Protection.
  • Guard series: Perpetual Antimicrobial Surface Hygiene by The Home Guard and The Grazer Guard units.
  • Agriculture and Livestock: grain silos, Fruit and vegetable warehouses, Mushroom growing, Poultry keeping, Hog - Cattle breeding, Fish farming processing Dairy production, Cheese farms, Honey bee healthy hives
  • Food industry (Mobilsept 03 Food): fresh products, egg disinfection Application of ozone in water treatment of cooling towers
  • Odor neutralization: removal of odors / odors with ozone
  • Ozone disinfection of industrial kitchens (Gourmet disinfection system)
  • ECO industrial laundries - Mobilsept active oxygen system
  • Bottling plants: ozone bottle disinfection
  • Medical therapies, health treatments using ozone gas
  • Water treatment systems: disinfection, treatment of color and odor problems with ozone