Air Treatment   O3gas  / UV-C Radiation

O3 gas

Applying activate oxygen (ozone) gas to industrial odor removal is a smart and effective solution. O3 gas has a very strong oxidation capacity to break down the molecular structures of undesirable odors. Organic composites can in most cases cause bad odors, which can be effectively destroyed by ozone. Another useful advantage is that it is also well suited for the decomposition of many VOCs and H2S (hydrogen sulfide).
The use of ozone for odor purification in industrial gas emissions is a non-chemical ECO environmentally friendly method. Ozone also provides excellent results where the performance of bio-filters or other dry-wet decomposing are being inadequate. The use of O3 gas neutralizers precludes the use of chemicals. Another advantage is the reusable water, which eliminates the presence of Legionella bacteria.
Ozone commonly used to treat air:
• Odor control in industries - plants • Odor control in work areas • Odor control in farming
• Food processing applications • Agricultural applications • Airborne pathogen clearance
• Disaster recovery • Prevention of mold           Please visit the "Odor neutralization" menu

UV-C Technology for Air Disinfection

Hospital grade air purifier for healthcare, workplaces and community facilities. CDC, ECDC, WHO,  authorities all confirm the Covid-19 virus are spreading primarliy by inhalation of airborne droplets and not by contact contaminated surfaces.


  • Upper-Room UV-C protection: The most Effective Method for continious elimination of  COVID-19 virus & infectious pathogens
  • Efficient reduction for Hospital Acquired Infections
  • Aimed to help on HAI Prevention Practices  (Healthcare-associated Infections)
  • Efficient control in air transmitted Infectious Diseases
  • Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation for Commercial & Residental Settings
  • Excellent aid in Preventive Healthcare
  • Can be used with high efficacay in occupied areas without any side effects
  • Continous use for risk reducing in Hospitals Disinfection Levels
  • Lucrative Prospects in the Airports
  • UV-C an Ideal Option for Hospitality Industry
  • Restaurants benefit on UV Germicidal Irradiation for Safer Environments
  • Great Opportunities in Cinema Halls & Shopping Malls
  • Strong regulations in Food Safety to Augment Use of UV-C Disinfection