Milk Farms

Important! Controlling infectious diseases will reduce the impact of environmental mastitis and will results in higher milk volume.
It is important to have a pre-milking process that uses the right tools and methods for sanitizing the cow`s udders in the best way possible.
The right pre-dipping approach also reduces the stress of your cows, bringing to the stock good health and more milk production.
Ozone is one of the most environmentally-friendly option for the farm could use; it is already the most attractive for dairy and food industries.
Ozone due to its high oxidizing capacity, it is effective against a wide spectrum of mastitis causing organism, including gram-positive/negative bacteria and viruses.
Mobilsept Farm series produces Ozone on-site, fast and when it`s needed.
Water enriched with O3  with 2-3 PPM concentration can be used in your pre-milking routine, eliminating the use of costly chemical products.
O3 has no shelf life, the Ozone produced continuously on site, the Mobilsept Farm series ensuring to maintain the needed  2-3  ppm concentration. 
The use of O3 technology is helping to reduce the use of antibiotics and drugs.
Using the O3 enriched water through the teat scrubber, without any residue in the milk. In addition, the ozone water improves and promoting the healing of the skin of the teat.
 Truly, it is an important investment. The expense will pay off, the substantial savings for the farm will bring multiple benefits in the long term.

Poultry Farms

Ozone as an air treatment is used in the poultry industry, from the storage and incubation of eggs, to the breeding of healthy birds, as well as for effective processing, storage and transport of poultry and meat products. The ozone enriched water is used to wash and sterilize meat and equipment.
The most important advantage of using ozone is that it quicker and more reactive and leaves no chemical residue, and even after high concentrations have been used to disinfect an area, it is immediately possible for employees to work in that area without a health risk.

Hog Farms

The ozone significantly reduces the ammonia and hydrogen sulfide odor that the hogs produce. The ozone is constantly oxidizing these odors. The produced ozone also keeps the feed fresher since mold is prevented from growing. Bacteria and viruses are reduced since ozone is oxidizing and destroying many of these pathogens.

Please inquire with your special needs.