Odor neutralization - Eliminate scents-odors    

Most Popular Question: How to Remove Ozone Odors from Homes, Cars, Clothing, Surfaces
Ozone simply removes odors by destroying odors that cause unpleasant odors by killing microbes, molecules, bacteria and spores. O3 is very effective in the rapid chemical reaction of particles in the air and on surfaces. O3, the third oxygen atom, attaches itself to other molecules and chemically changes its structural reform into non-aggressive molecules - eliminates odor
In bacteria and spores, a similar process occurs. O3 attacks the outer casing of the cell, which interrupts it. When the outer shell breaks down, the cell itself disintegrates and dies.
Understanding this will result in a stronger odor requiring longer application time and higher O3 concentration to remove odor
Often people have "tried everything" to get rid of unwanted odors, but there are still lingering scents that don't seem to diminish. Ozone is effective in these cases, and as a gas, ozone effectively "cleans" the place where air can go. This includes air, walls, ceilings, pipelines, carpet fibers, gaps between floors, cracks in walls and more. With air flow, ozone has excellent penetration and destroys odors in these hidden areas.
Can ozone get rid of all odors ? Yes, if the area is accessible as the smell is the chemical decomposition of microbes where the air is flowing.