Bottling Plants  

The ability of ozone to disinfect is the dream for the bottling plants. The ozone's effective disinfection ability, high oxidation ability and short exposure time are ideal for performing the following critical functions in a bottling plant:

Disinfection of recycled bottles before re-bottling to kill and remove all bacteria and viruses. Usually recommended during the final rinsing phase of the bottle washing process.

Main benefits:
• Ozone treatment of ozone disinfection and raw water before final bottling or before reverse osmosis by disinfection and precipitation of heavy metals such as iron and manganese, color, tannin and hydrogen sulphides removing
• Ozone disinfection for cleaning and washing of bottling equipment, CIP process (Clean in Place)
• Ozone disinfection for cleaning and disinfecting caps
• Provide a sterile environment in the air between the water surface and the bottle cap
• Ozone residues 0.2 to 0, Remains between 4 mg / l (PPM) in bottles.
After bottling, the residual ozone that is decomposed to oxygen is decomposed within 24 hours. The Mobilsept BF O3 Series, with its dissolved ozone PPM monitor, ambient ozone meter an neutralization of excess ozone gases, provides a safe environment for continuous operation.