The Grazer Guard by Mobilsept    

                               Science to protect your health   

The single service delivers 8 months full protection against infectious disease transfers from surfaces!

Our mission with the Mobilsept® Guard series is to deliver an active health protection system against microbial attacks. To service this cause, we are proud to use the  BIOSAFE® antimicrobial* fluid substance. This application provides perpetual protection against infectious disease transmission originated from treated surfaces. Our focus is to deliver safety and well-being as the result of our products. The creative use of organic and nature identical ingredients enables us to supply sensible, environmentally green products that are trustworthy  and safe for human`s. This technology is awarded and special.

The Grazer Guard is to employ the BIOSAFE-Mobgraz/2 Antimicrobial* fluid which is a non-leaching silicon-based antimicrobial that imparts bacteriostatic, fungistatic, and algistatic properties to coatings and resins for surfaces.  The BIOSAFE long life surface antimicrobial** protection is established via the Jet-fog created layer of thin coating.This special mix is to induce surface hydrophobicity when applying combined the active oxygen sanitizing gas against a wide range of health hazardous pathogens. The treatments are not dangerous to health, no after-cleaning is required, deliveries are fully automated.

Grazer Guard  antimicrobial treatment time is from 35-145 minutes  depending  the size of the pre-cleaned area to be treated.

Delivering hygiene protection for: Transportation, High volume human occupied spaces, Commercial Facilities, Agriculture, 

As the first step for pre-hygiene treatment the activated O2 gas (O3) being delivered to the treated area. In step two: The BIOSAFE-Mobgraz/2 an Antimicrobial* fluid mix that imparts bacteriostatic, fungistatic, and algistatic properties  and resins for surface treatments, evenly distributed by the pressurized jet system.  The coated surfaces with the BIOSAFE-Mobgraz/2 antimicrobial** agent  is harmless and has been shown to inhibit 99.99% growth of microbes on the treated surfaces. No after cleaning necessary.  

  • EPA Registered & FDA Approved  for Surface contact  No VOCs
  • The use of the BIOSAFE-Guard/2   is harmless and its results have been verified by multiple international -SGS ,TUV- tests. The treatments have a slight and pleasant herbal after-scent, which can be sensed for 1-2 days.

    *The installed BIOSAFE-Moblares/2 coating is composed of a materials that prevents the growth of antimicrobial and odor causing microbes and be within regulatory limitations.

    **The term “antimicrobials” include all agents that act against all types of microorganisms – bacteria (antibacterial), viruses (antiviral), fungi (antifungal) and protozoa (antiprotozoal).

    The fully automated programs for the treatments are easy to be chosen and set. Night hours are the best to perform these treatments.

    Antimicrobial treatments in dressing rooms***  are recommended 1x/ per month at average dressing room use.  Changing rooms with excessive use should be, 2x/ month treated.

    Full protection against: *** MRSA, Warts / Verrucas, PUL-MSSA, Scrumpox, Athlete's foot, Molluscum contagiosum + 99.99% protection against virus, bacteria, spore types of pathogens.

     5 functions in 1 unit:

                        Antibacterial– Odor removal – Anti-allergen –

                                         Pesticides - Humidifier

     Looking to treat smaller areas? Please see The Home Guard series!