Milk production - Dairy

Pure ozone-enriched water improves water consumption, milk production, animal development and reproduction, while reducing disease and death rates. Ozone dissolved in cold water destroys organic matter such as bacteria, viruses, and calcium layers, so that the process is residue-free. Ozone oxidizes minerals and removes them from the water. Ozone technology is an ECO-environmentally friendly technology that reduces water use and treatment time by 50% compared to conventional -teat, hoof wash-  and with active chemicals carried out purification methods. Application of ozone treatment in cost-effective and environmentally friendly food processing technology. It has been successfully used to remove milk residues and bio-film-forming bacteria from stainless steel surfaces and in milk processing, including liquid milk, milk powder products and cheese. It is well known that ozone treatment prevents cheese mold growth and inactivates airborne molds during cheese ripening and storage. Ozone treatment is also a promising method for reducing the concentration of pollutants in dairy farms.