Mobilsept La Reservè .... Don't Ride Without It!

1 x 29 minute  multifunctional interior safety treatment establishing 6 months full protection against infectious disease transfers. 

Mobilsept® LA Reserve AVHS  is a proven vehicle health SAFEGUARD system making Road Travel Safe for Passengers and Driver. After application, it is active in a form of a long-lasting wear resistant and ultra- thin coating of evenly distributed transparent amorphous glass on the interior and a/c system surfaces. The certified and proven antimicrobial effect lasts UP TO 6-8 months".

" on frequently touched surfaces (steering, door handles, shifter etc.) protection can be shorter!

  Perpetual Multifunctional Antimicrobial* Interior Treatment Against Infectious Disease Transfers.

Delivering  6 (pathogens, UV, odor, mold, fabric, spots, wear) very important safety features to ensure the clean traveling environment. 

  •  Uniquely bringing lasting antimicrobial &  multifunctional protection
  •  Green technology -activated O2 & antimicrobial** substance-
  • Direct Mobilmist Nano-jet interaction to interior & A/C evaporator pathogens removal
  • Higher customer demand  
  • Increased service - sales revenues
  • Can be used in service bays while other work being performed

                  The Mobilsept La Reservé Vehicle Interior Antimicrobial Protection !                                                  Professional Line                         Used by Brand Dealers World Wide!
The jet-mist using low dose antimicrobial* mix substance  with activated oxygen pre-cleaning cycle delivers a reinforced lasting antimicrobial treatment by the Mobilsept La Reservé System. On the treated  surfaces by breaking down pathogens with the applied antimicrobial coating,  brings the Antimicrobial** Surface Protection for an extended period of time.

Mobilsept is the leading industry brand for OE dealers of AVHS (Advanced Vehicle Hygiene System) solutions for the service sector. The performance and result of this process  laboratory certified. It is a fully automated A/C and full interior disinfecting machine. It is safe to use in service bays while other service activities are performed.

Mobilsept La Reservè supports the needs of vehicle owners by delivering the important, preserved-extended life hygiene treatments against potentially hidden pathogens in the vehicle that are dangerous to health. The  La Reservè AVHS is the first-of-its-kind application for the OE automotive service industry. The jet-mist applied  low dose antimicrobial*  finish is the active ingredient with 99.99% efficacy  to inhibit growth of microbes and maintain the interior hygiene condition. There has not been other cost-effective equipment that can deliver accredited and long-life hygiene treatments. Our solid service revenue track record is showing notable increase in the CSI, CRM sectors and in parallel notable annual service department revenue growth. It is also building substantial loyalty from the powerful segment of Millennials without adding significant resources and operational costs. 

* The installed BIOSAFE-Moblares/2 coating is composed of a materials that prevents the growth of antimicrobial and odor causing microbes and be within regulatory limitations

**The term “antimicrobials” include all agents that act against all types of microorganisms – bacteria (antibacterial), viruses (antiviral), fungi (antifungal) and protozoa (antiprotozoal).

    Mobilsept-Organosilane Antimicrobials

        BIOSAFE-Moblares/2 fluid at work!

The active ingredient formed in a colorless,  positively charged polymer that via the Mobilmist Nano Jet-fog process, molecularly bonds to the treated vehicle`s interior surfaces. The strong positive charge disrupts the cell membrane of all microorganisms that come in contact with the active surface, thereby causing their cytoplasm and organelles to leak out.
It resembles popping a water balloon.The BIOSAFE-Moblares/2 does not promote the development of drug resistant superbugs.

Mobilsept La Reservé at work...

Organosilane Antimicrobial Jet-Mist

La Reservé System is  using the right treatment application technology

La Reservé application: Ignition off, no fan, no battery draw, no cabin filter interference, no air dilution

La Reservé can be used in service bays, while other work being performed!