Mobilsept La Reserve AVHS Technology            Perpetual Antimicrobial Interior Surface Protection

Mobilsept® LA Reserve AVHS  is a proven vehicle health SAFEGUARD system making Road Travel safer for Passengers and Driver. After application, it is active in a form of a long-lasting wear resistant and ultra- thin coating of evenly distributed transparent amorphous glass on the interior and a/c system surfaces. The certified and proven antimicrobial effect lasts UP TO 6-8 months". It provides the motorists the relief of traveling in a very clean environment. The  Mobilsept® La Reserve AVHS process creates low energy surfaces by the use of reduced biocide technology, enabling the reduction of dust, inorganic and biological deposits. The customized Flow ability ensures, of the abrasive contact materials to roll over the treated surfaces by leaving less residues.

" on frequently touched surfaces (steering, door handles, shifter etc.) protection can be much shorter!

       Delivering great solutions to OE service departments       
       in the changing hygiene and  business climate;

  1. Meeting the latest challenges in general hygiene
  2. Satisfying shifting customer expectations  
  3. New service department strategic plan to be implemented? 
  4. Better-faster-cost effective growth - in customer satisfaction
  5. Increase over 3%  your annual service  revenues      

               The Mobilsept La Reserve AVHS Technology

We are at Mobilsept closely following in 4 continents the challenges and results of the vehicle hygiene and odor removal treatment technologies.  Throughout the years, we were glad to see the growth in the use of ozone gas for this application. With the growth at the same time, we have noticed the spread in the use of false application technology and a high volume of under rated O3 gas generating equipment. These facts are produced and delivered questionable treatment results and caused sizable credibility loss among consumers.
To further improve  this important service to all motorists, the Mobilsept brand have developed a newer and more versatile technology. The new La Reserve AVHS (Advanced Vehicle Hygiene System) unit using low dose antimicrobial* substance mix combined with activated oxygen.  This new technology allows: 99.99% rate of hygiene condition being preserved by the installed BIOSAFE-Moblares/2 antimicrobial* coating preventing further growth of microbes on the treated surfaces. Treatments can be performed in higher temperature at the same time neutralizing the O3 gas odor and possible irritating effects. Now our result is: first in the industry delivering Perpetual Antimicrobial** Surface Protection  and improved odor removal capabilities.

*The installed BIOSAFE-Moblares/2 coating is composed of a materials that prevents the growth of antimicrobial and odor causing microbes and be within regulatory limitations

**The term “antimicrobials” include all agents that act against all types of microorganisms – bacteria (antibacterial), viruses (antiviral), fungi (antifungal) and protozoa (antiprotozoal).


    Supporting OE dealer services world wide 

 1, Antimicrobial-Hygiene Treatment is delivered in 29 minutes 

 2, Engine & Fan OFF during treatment (use it while other work is done)

 3, Extra built in odor removing programs, when needed

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