Ozone Applications in Cooling Tower Water Treatments    

The cooling tower water requires extensive treatment. There are three main factors to be considered in the water treatment of the cooling tower: - Corrosion of pipes and heat exchange units - Internal deposition of pipes and (mainly) heat exchange unit - Microbial growth (bacteria, algae)These three aspects are interrelated. Lower pH values prevent deposits, but increase metal corrosion. Well-used ozone treatment, these factors are controlled together without the use of additional chemicals. Biocides use chemicals to inhibit corrosion and deposition. Ozone is a reliable alternative that adequately controls the factors mentioned above - Deposition The deposition of calcium and magnesium ions on the system and pipes is undesirable. This results in the formation of a core that forms a separating layer in the heat exchange unit, which adversely affects the heat transfer.Landfill is controlled by ozone treatment. Ozone is a disinfectant that destroys the bio-film so that ions can no longer be activated. Water containing ozone-depleted solids can be recycled, reducing water loss.Corrosion Hazards - Ozone can greatly reduce internal corrosion Microbial development. Ozone is most effective in deactivating all bacteria.Applications and measures - Using ozone in cooling water treatment is a great way to achieve, maintain and control your desired water quality.