Mobilsept Gourmet is a designed kitchen system for the interior surface treatment of air ducts / ducts in industrial kitchens. Ozone is a very powerful disinfectant and oxidizing agent. Vigorously disinfects all pathogens, impurities, on metal and non-metal surfaces by the oxidation process used. Ozone is nature's own disinfectant method - without the use of environmentally friendly, harmful by-products. After a short lifetime, it is converted back to vital oxygen.
Our system easily integrates into the new  EN 16282 – New EU standard for ventilation in commercial kitchens!
Clean Ventilation System
The Mobilsept Gourmet Ozone system reduces oil and grease content in kitchen air extraction systems, keeping drains clean and odor-free. Ozone degrades oil and fat, which it converts to carbon dioxide and water gas. This residual dry powder polymerized grease can be easily removed from the air passages in small amounts periodically. This powder is biodegradable and does not pose a health hazard. This energy efficient process can also be integrated into heat exchange systems.
 Kitchen odors- smell
All types of cooking process produce odor and steam. These are removed in gaseous form through the ventilation system. Conventional filters cannot stop or remove these odors, which often interfere with the surrounding environment. Mobilsept Gourmet reduces and eliminates most of these odors through efficient oxidation. It also reduces food odor re-entry and mixing with fresh air on the intake side of nearby HVAC systems.  Fire hazard and drain cleaning   Deposition of surface oil grease in the venting system poses a serious fire hazard. Injected ozone disinfects mold, fungi and bacteria on the surface of the accumulated and deposited oil-fat layer. The use of ozone eliminates the risk of fire in the duct work and extends the life of the ventilation system. It results in significant economic savings in system cleaning costs.