How can I rent the ozone machine?

Currently rental is only available in Hungary. 

How is ozone produced?

Commonly there are two technologies used in ozone production: Ultra-violet and corona discharge methods. With the corona discharge method, high voltage is applied to a metal grid, which is double insulated. The high voltage through the insulation will jump to the grounded metal grid and by using the existing oxygen, the ozone will be produced. With the ultra-violet method, the UV lamp at 254nm (nanometer) length hits the oxygen and that effect produces the ozone. The split of the O2 molecule will produce two O2 atoms which when integrated with an additional O2 molecule will result in the production of (O3) Ozone.

How long does the ozone live?

The mass production of ozone by the generator will reconvert to oxygen. This takes place in various stages: the reaction of oxidation and its result is supported by natural elements such as smoke, odor, bacteria, fungus, mildew, etc. Ozone only has a "half-life" which means that within 30 minutes, a minimum of 50% of the surplus of ozone will reconvert to oxygen. So from the start point after every 30 minutes, only 50% of ozone will be present. However the temperature greatly can speed up or slow down the reverting process.  In the practical sense, the half-life of ozone is less than 30 minutes which is greatly influenced by dust and temperatures. Ozone is very strong but short lived, it does an excellent job and disappears.

The use of ozone with humans, pets, and plants?

The presence of humans, pets and plants should be avoided when using the ozone generator. If the treated area can be sealed (doors, gaps) then the remaining areas can be used and will not be harmful at all. The treated area windows and doors should be sealed. With central air conditioner the fan has to be in the off position. In case there is a central ventilation, cover the ventilation grill temporarily. The oxidation effect can be seen on silver and gold surfaces so it is recommended that these items be covered or put away. If needed, re-polish with a polishing compound on these affected surfaces.

Which capacity of ozone generator do I need?

For general hygiene odor removal, 5-7 PPM concentration, the rule of thumb: 1gr/hour O3gas  for 30m3.  These values are for shock treatment purposes! Choose the right size of generator you`ll need! Please don`t forget the golden rule: There is no ozone overdose! However if you are trying to treat a larger area with a small ozone generator you will not receive the ideal results due to the short life span of the ozone atom! (See above section, (How long the ozone will live?) If you need a larger capacity ozone generator please contact us! We build ozone generators to handle up to 400m2 area..

Can the undesired odors return?

In most of the cases, the odors and smells do not return if they are properly carried out with shock treatment which will oxidize and abolish all smells and odors. In the event of returning odors such as mildew which is common due to existing wet, damp conditions or perishable food, make sure the source of the smell is properly attended and removed. In these cases the ozone effect will be temporary but after 2-3 days the smell can reoccur. We recommend the use of the shock treatment after the proper cleaning of the area that is to be treated.

How does smoke smell vanished by ozone?

The use of the ozone generator completely oxides the irritation caused by phenol gas. The invisible Phenol gas particles are in cigarette smoke and causes eye irritation and undesired odors. Ozone not only filters these out, but destroys them providing everyone an irritation free environment.

Can ozone help against allergens?

Ozone is excellent in helping to reduce the volume of irritants in any room or area where they are present. When the ozone is applied, it will oxidize all pollens in the air and pet hair particles, ensuring you have full comfort in your home. Pet hair particles will be oxidized but will not disappear or disintegrate.

Where should the ozone generator to be placed?

The position of the ozone generator depends on the task. Once the location of the smell is identified, place the unit as close to the source as possible. Since the generated ozone is heavier than the air it is wise to place the unit higher off the ground (like top on the latter) for maximum area penetration and even distribution. If you are treating a building with central ventilation, place the ozone generator at the suction side. Make sure the proper output capacity unit is in use.

Can the ozone generator remove spots?

Ozone is not able to remove spots. It removes odors and bad smells but cannot destroy foreign materials.

Is ozone harmful for electrical equipment, plants, materials, paintings?

Ozone will not harm PCs, materials, leather furniture or paintings. The concentration is not high enough even at shock treatment, to cause any harm even at over 30 day's shock treatment intervals!

What is the desired level of ozone?

Your purpose should define the output capacity of the ozone generator. The desired output level should be about the same amount of what you need during the treatment. This is only for continuous ozone generator use only, not for shock treatment. The capacity of the ozone generator is primarily designed and aimed to destroy smells, bugs, and bacteria. After which, you will need considerably less ozone and most likely there will be some excess remaining in the air. If you don`t adjust (lower) the output level, the excess ozone will be noticeable (fresh rain)
Not every Mobil Ozone generator has adjustable ozone output levels. (Soon to be released!)

What kind of long range danger ozone could produce?

The existence of ozone is almost a century old. The world`s larger institute for personal safety (OSHA-USA) found that the harmless amount of ozone for humans is 0.003 ppm to 0.010 ppm Important: this value is for daily continuous exposure 5-8hrs. period.
In case of an ozone overdose, one will experience symptoms such as headache, watery eyes, scratching-itchy throat, but no long term effects have been reported. Always ask for the MSDS if you need it.

Where should I position the ozone generator for continuous air treatment?

Important: For air treatment, only adjustable output type units can be used! Adjust the ozone output level so that the ozone smell cannot be detected after 1 hrs. If you notice the fresh rain smell within 15 min. lower the output accordingly. Circulation: proper and good air circulation is a must. In larger areas, the use an additional oscillating fan is recommended which should be placed behind the ozone generator. The ozone generator can be put anywhere in the room and does not have to be put in high position. Humidity: 35-75% over 80% the use is not recommended unless an air conditioner is in operation. Operating temperature: +5-+25C

How should the ozone generator be used to remove pet odor?

The area to be treated with the shock treatment can be performed when your pets are not present. The ozone shock treatment has excellent results in getting rid of cat urine or any other odor and reinstating the hygiene level at in the same time. Again, this shock treatment can be only carried out when no humans, pets and plants are present because the volume and strength of ozone is much greater than at the regular room air quality control process. The shock treatment is efficient in helping to destroy fungus, mildew, strong pet odors, small bugs in the area. Please make sure you are using the correct output capacity for the m2 is to be treated. It is recommended that the shock treatment be carried out in each room or area separately.

Ozone does not mask odors, it removes it.

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